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FREE, One-hour Design Consultation for New Clients!

Every project is unique and should be treated as such.  At MOORE DESIGN we work closely with our clients from the initial FREE One-hour Design Consultation to the project completion. As a full service graphic design business, MOORE DESIGN can handle any task, big or small, so no matter what personal or commercial project you have in mind, we will be happy to work with you. Visit our portfolio pages to see some samples of our work.

FREE, One-hour Design Consultation for New Clients!

  1. Gather Information
    – research and gather details about a project
    – know exactly what a customer likes and doesn’t like (both are equally important)
  2. Create an Outline
    – develop an outline of the content and goal of the project
    – provide client with a proposal or estimate
    – establish a personal relationship with a client
  3. Brainstorm & Doodle
    – think about creative solutions for the project
    – use the client’s examples of favorite work as guidelines for what they like and don’t like
    – come up with something new and different that will separate them from the rest
  4. Design & Creativity
    – unleash our creativity
    – present client with at least two versions of a design (when appropriate)
  5. Revisions
    – we encourage both positive and negative feedback. (again, both are equally important)
    – we encourage “mixing and matching” the design ideas
    – offer professional advice as to what looks good
  6. More Revisions
    – it isn’t uncommon to have a couple more rounds of changes before reaching a final design
  7. Final Design
    – a project should be exactly what the client intended
    – client approval is always required before we move on to project completion
  8. Project Completion/Launch
    – we always produce a high quality, distinctly effective end result whether in print or on the web
    – the completed project needs to have the exact look and feel that you want

Let us help you with your next graphic design or web design project!

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