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Reasons You Should Invest in SEO

You can’t make money from your business – no matter if it’s blogging, eCommerce, or some other type – if you don’t get customers. To get potential customers you have to share your business information with people. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the fundamental ways to get more customers with less effort.
Doorstep marketing needs a lot of hard work & afford to get the expected outcome. According to recent research, it costs more & provides less output than digital marketing.
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Here are some reasons why you should invest in search engine optimisation services. If you’re looking to convince clients to do so, you can also present these arguments.

Organic Traffic: 
People are more or less aware of search engine activities nowadays. They build a website for their company and stop working when they don’t get traffic. But the truth is this happens because you don’t invest in SEO. At the primary stage, you have to invest in SEO to rank your website or blog on search engines and this will bring in organic traffic. 
Boost Sales: 
You are not getting any sales from your website because you are not getting any organic traffic. If you want to boost sales, you need to invest in SEO. This will impact on your website SEO positively & bring in sales.
Brand Awareness: 
There are lots of trust factors related to business & sales. People feel more comfortable purchasing products from relatively known brands. This is the reason larger companies work on brand awareness. They invest in both digital & physical marketing as well. But doorstep marketing demands more budget & physical hard work. Digital marketing is easier & doesn’t require any physical involvement in it. 
Budget for Marketing: 
There is no doubt people want to save on cost of marketing. Investing in SEO is the easiest way to promote your business in this sense. You can start with a minimum budget, & of course, there is no limit. Even you can start your blog SEO without any budget if are a technical person. But it’s always convenient to hire the pros.
Presence of Audiences: 
People are dependent on search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. Especially modern kids & youth are highly involved in online activities. They don’t even watch television anymore. So, if they are your target, then there is no alternative to investing in SEO to convert them as customers.
Final Words: 
I can list hundreds of reasons you should invest in SEO. But, I believe these are the major points that you should consider.

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17 Websites to Showcase Your Designs

If you love design, chances are you want your work to be seen. Regardless of whether you want to land more clients as a freelancer, allow employers to find you, or simply gain exposure and name recognition, getting your work in front of more people can help.
Of course, there are a lot of different ways to get exposure for your work. One of the options is to take advantage of websites that exist for the purpose of helping designers like you to get their work in front of more people.
This article will feature 17 different websites that provide exposure to designers. The first several sites listed are community-oriented sites where you can create a profile, upload your designs, and gain exposure through the community. Those in the second half of the article are intended to help designers and artists to easily create their own portfolio website.

Behance (owned by Adobe) is one of the most well-known websites of its kind. Any designer or creative can set up a profile and then create different projects that include multiple images and text. You can interact with other users and gain more exposure through increased activity on the site. Behance visitors can browse projects by category, with many different categories available.
It’s free to create a profile on Behance, and with the popularity of the site you can possibly gain a lot of exposure for your work.

Dribbble is another incredibly popular website that provides a great platform for designers. One key difference between Dribbble and Behance is that Dribbble has a tighter focus specifically for designers. Behance takes a broader approach, including photography, motion graphics, and more.

Creating a Dribbble account is free, and if you run an agency, you can also create a team account.
Dribbble can also help you to find work through a job board and by getting your profile seen by those who are looking to hire designers.

Carbonmade is a platform that has undergone some change over the years. There is no longer an option for a free account, although you can do a free trial to decide if you like it. With Carbonmade, you’ll create your own portfolio and have full control over the layout and look. Pricing starts at $8 per month.

But Carbonmade also has a community element to it. Anyone visiting the site can browse portfolios to see the work of the creatives who are using the platform.

Coroflot’s purpose is to help designers find work, and to help businesses find designers. As a designer, you can sign up and create a profile for free. You can upload some of your work and add a description about yourself.
Coroflot includes a job board and you can browse or search for opportunities. Those who are hiring can also browse the profiles of designers on the platform.

They also provide some helpful information through their salary guide, which provides data about salaries for different positions within the industry.

DeviantART allows any type of designer or artist to create a profile and showcase their work. You can also choose to provide downloads, so many people use the site for distributing free resources like Photoshop actions, Photoshop brushes, Lightroom presets, textures, and more. In addition to offering free downloads, you can also sell your digital files through DeviantART.
More than 44 million people use DeviantART. It’s also a high-traffic website that has the potential to provide plenty of exposure for your work.

Krop is sort of similar to Coroflot in that the emphasis is on providing connections between designers and employers. As a designer, you can sign up at Krop and create your profile and portfolio. You can browse listings on a job board to find current openings. The cost to create your profile and portfolio website through Krop is $9.99 per month, with a free trial available.

ArtStation allows designers and artists the opportunity to create their own portfolio and gain exposure to recruiters and others in the industry.

With a free ArtStation account, you can set up your portfolio, sell your artwork, and connect with job opportunities. If you want some additional features like being able to add a blog to your site, premium themes, priority support, and more, you can upgrade to a paid plan (starting at $6.99 per month).

At Creary, you can create a profile, connect with other users, and even make some money. The site uses a token system and you can sell your designs to your followers and earn more tokens.
Creary isn’t as popular or well-established as the other options listed above, but it can be a fun way to gain some exposure for your work.

If you have a Creative Cloud subscription, you already have access to Adobe Portfolio. Creative Cloud members can easily create and manage their own portfolio website. There are a number of excellent templates to choose from.
If you have a Behance account, Adobe Portfolio will allow you to import your projects from Behance, making it quick and easy to set up your own site. Adobe Portfolio also allows you to import photos straight from Lightroom, which is a really useful feature for photographers.
Pricing for Creating Cloud starts at $9.99 per month, which gives you access to the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom, plus extras like Adobe Portfolio.

Cargo makes it easy to create your own portfolio website (and blog). There are a number of templates available, and most of them feature an elegant minimalist style that allows your work to take center stage.
The cost is $13 per month or $99 if you choose to pay annually, but you can create your site for free to see how it will look. You don’t need to pay until you’re satisfied and ready to make your site public.

Crevado is a drag-and-drop solution that allows you to create a portfolio site with ease. More than half a million designers have already created a portfolio site using Crevado.
You’ll have the option of going with a free plan that provides all of the basics, or you can upgrade to a paid plan starting at $6 per month. The free plan limits you to 30 images and 5 galleries, but the $6 per month plan increases that to 150 images and 10 galleries. Both of those plans will force you to use a subdomain at, but for $9 per month you can upgrade to the highest-priced plan and use your own domain (plus other benefits).

Dunked is another excellent option for creating a professional-looking portfolio website. You’ll be able to choose from several clean, well-designed templates, but the template is just a starting point. You can easily change colors and fonts, and you can also work with custom HTML and CSS for even greater control.
Pricing starts at $8 per month if billed annually, or $12 per month if billed monthly. With that plan you’ll get 100 projects, 100 pages, and 1,000 images. You can upgrade to a plan with unlimited pages and projects if you need more. A free trial is available so you can create your site and see if you like it.

Portfoliobox allows designers and other creatives to create their own fully-featured website including a portfolio, blog, and ecommerce capabilities.
You can create your site for free and use up to 30 images and 10 pages. Or you can upgrade to a paid plan and use up to 1,000 images and unlimited pages. The paid plan costs $6.90 per month and also allows you to use your own custom domain name.

With Format, you can create a portfolio site that includes a blog and ecommerce capabilities. You’ll start with one of their professionally-designed templates and customize it to suit your needs.
Pricing starts at just $6 per month billed annually (free trial available), although you will need to upgrade to the $12 per month plan in order to sell products through your site.

Fabrik is another option for creating a high-quality professional-looking portfolio website. They have some beautiful templates that will help you to stand out, and you’ll have some flexibility with the layouts and other details of the design.
Pricing starts at $11 per month or $9.17 per month if billed annually.

Portfoliopen was created especially for designers, while many of the other options for creating a portfolio site attempt to cater to all types of artists and creatives.
More than 60,000 designers have already created a site with Portfoliopen and their free plan makes it an option for anyone. The sites created with the free plan do have ads, so you may want to upgrade to a paid plan to get rid of the ads and to get many other features. Pricing starts at $4.99 per month.

Squarespace is more of a general CMS, but it’s extremely popular with designers and photographers and they have some outstanding templates that are ideal for creative professionals.
Pricing starts at $12 per month if you’re paying annually, or $16 per month if billed monthly. While the cost is a little higher, Squarespace will give you more features and capability than any of the other portfolio site builders covered in this article, although many of the advanced features are only available on higher-priced plans.
If you’re looking for a way to stand out and get more exposure for your work, take a look at the options covered in this list. Create a profile at some of the community-oriented sites and consider creating your own portfolio site as well.

Is Fanbump a Scam? Our Review

Is Fanbump a Scam? Our Review

Is Fanbump a Scam? Our Review

Instagram is a highly popular social network with more than 1 billion users. That makes it a great place to market your products and services and connect with your potential customers to build relationships.
However, for brands that are just getting started it can be quite difficult to cut through the noise on the platform and get noticed by your target audience. That’s why there are a number of Instagram growth platforms and Instagram bots available to help you reach your goals based on your current social media marketing strategy.
There are so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is best to help you grow your Instagram presence. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at Fanbump along with 15 alternatives you can use to grow your Instagram following immediately.
Top Fanbump Alternatives
Follow Adder
Hashtags for Likes
What is Fanbump?
Fanbump is one of the largest and quickest growing Instagram growth services out there that promise to provide you with organic Instagram growth. They claim their clients have been featured in a number of major publications including Entrepreneur, Fortune, Forbes, and Adweek.
The company has more than 22,000 followers themselves, so it does lend itself to credibility.
Fanbump Features
Fan bumped does not use box or fake accounts to Foster your Instagram growth. It is an account management approach that we see with many services like this. You begin by sharing information about your target audience and then you are matched with an account manager who will build a customized list of Instagram accounts that have similar interests.
Using that information, they will connect with your account to follow and unfollow people in your target audience. It works because you will show up in the notifications of a high volume of relevant users.
As such, real, relevant, and engaged people will be checking out your profile and following and engaging with your content if they’re interested. Ban bump notes that their clients average anywhere from 150 to 1000 new followers per month.
You’ll have the option to target based on location and gender, and will receive weekly growth reports.
Fanbump Pros and Cons
You’re matched with an account manager
The growth is safe and not likely to get your account banned.
Someone else has access to your Instagram account
Price is prohibitive for many small businesses and solopreneurs
Is Fanbump Safe?
The fan bump approach relies on human activity on your account, the approach they use is safe. However, giving a company access to your account without thoroughly vetting who they are and trusting that they will behave ethically is a risk.
It is also an expensive endeavor with many other alternatives that are also safe, available at a more affordable price point.
Final Thoughts on Fanbump
If you’ve got the budget to pay for FanBump, and the time to allow for slower-paced organic growth, then Fanbump can be a good option. But, for most small businesses and solopreneurs,
15 Alternatives to Fanbump
1. ViralRace
With ViralRace, you can purchase real and engaged followers along with views and likes. After signing up with the platform, it will push your content to active Instagram users already known to engage with content that’s similar to yours.
This allows you to quickly gain followers and engagement allowing you to reach you or social media strategy goals faster. You can have everything delivered immediately, or choose to have it delivered gradually depending on your needs.
 The increased engagement ensures that your content gets exposed to a wider audience and because that engagement happens quickly after the initial post, there is a greater chance you will find your content on the Explore tab and go viral on Instagram
2. YoViral
YoViral is another platform similar to ViralRace. You can use it to buy engagement such as likes and high-quality views from real Instagram users. Everything can be delivered gradually or immediately depending on your preference. Buying a monthly plan arouse your viral to automatically detect any new content you post to your account and start sending you likes within 30 seconds.
The best thing is that no matter how much content you publish every day, you can start getting likes fast because there is no limit on the number of daily posts that can receive instant likes. All you have to do is enter your username and click a few times to get started.
3. Combin
Combin, unlike most of the other options on this list, requires you to download software to your computer. With it, you can automate your account by scheduling proposed and keeping track of analytics.
The scheduling features are optional, and you do not have to sign up for that service. There is a growth only plan that allows you to target the people you want to follow and aims to increase your engagement right. The good news is, the software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users.
4. Trusy
Compared to many other services on this list, Trusy is one of the newest Instagram marketing companies out there. It’s natural to be a little skeptical of a new company a lot of the time because if things seem too good to be true they usually are. However, they have gone out of their way to establish themselves as a company that is credible and worth working with.
They are a wonderful option for people who want to work with a newer company rather than one of the more established options on the market. They have multiple plans to choose from, and all of them include a free account audit so you can get some guidance on your social strategy.
5. Follow Adder
Follow Adder has been around for a long time, which lets us know they know what they are doing. Many Instagram growth options have come and gone over the years, often because they do things that cause them to no longer work with Instagram’s API updates.
During this time, they have kept their price points low, so you can afford to invest in their services even if you’re just starting out and don’t have a lot of money to work with, or can’t afford to fail.

FollowAdder can create competitions on your profile, invite people to like and engage with your content, and more. They leave a lot of the execution to the customer, which is great for people who don’t want to hand over their account to someone else.
6. Upleap
Upleap is another platform that gives you access to an account manager to handle your Instagram growth. However, the main difference is that you can try the service out for three days for free, without providing a credit card and getting charged in the event that you forget to cancel.
You’ll still have to give access to your account because instead of paying for likes, followers, or views, you’re paying for the account manager 2 operate in your account on your behalf based on the information you give them about your target audience when you sign up.
7. GramGrowing
GramGrowing starts with a consultation where you help them understand your audience and goals so they can create a customized strategy for you. Together, you work on your account to engage with your target audience. Using consistent social interactions the platform connects with the right audience and helps you to organically grow your following over time.
If you do your job and they do theirs, you will see real Instagram follower growth in no time.
8. SocialCaptain
SocialCaptain is an Instagram bot powered by artificial intelligence designed to make automating your Instagram account easy. The targeting features ensure that you are building a following that is interested in your content and not just random fake or spam accounts.
With its machine learning, the bot will become smarter over time to provide even better results. If desired, you can purchase the turbo plan that allows you to work 10 times faster and make use of the smart growth feature.
All plans provide real-time analytics and growth report so you can keep an eye on your progress. There’s an auto direct message tool that allows you to send private messages to a specific username less or your new followers.
Because you are in full control of your automation settings and your target audience, you can set social Captain to work however you need it for your growth strategy.
9. HashtagsforLikes
HashtagsforLikes is a way to grow organic followers for Instagram by using hashtags. Once you create an account, the software to text the best hashtags to give you the largest exposure and reach on the platform.
All you have to do is copy and paste to reach more followers. An added bonus is that you can pay by the week or by the month.
10. FuelGram
Unlike many of the options on this list that require you to either purchase software, found your account over to an account manager, or rely on the use of a bot, FuelGram is an engagement group platform where influencers exchange likes and comments to improve their performance.
All you have to do is add your account, join the group’s, and watch your engagement grow. Agents monitor your account so that all your uploads get detected as soon as you post which automatically starts sending likes to greatly increase the reach of your posts along with increasing the chances that it will go viral.
11. Leogram
You can use Leogram to automate your liking, following, and unfollowing using a special AI algorithm that attracts targeted people to your page. From there, the people get a notification that you liked their photo or followed them and come back to check out your Instagram page.
If they loved your profile inactivity, they start to follow you, like your posts and leave comments on your post.
You get real followers and a fraction of the time it would take you to do all of that on your own. you can choose from a number of plans ranging from 14 days to 360 days. The 30-day plan gives you five days free. the 360-day plan gives you 60 days free.
12. Boostly
Boostly will conduct research to create a list of competitors, lifestyle or blog pages similar to your account then use that list to Target users who are best aligned with your target audience.
Then they take a look at the most engaged users of your target accounts to determine who is actively liking and commenting on media posted by those accounts to ensure they interact only with people who are predisposed to be interested in your content.
From there, they engage with those users so as to drive them to your page and encourage them to follow you.
13. ZenPromo
ZenPromo is another automation platform that uses an AI algorithm to attract attention to your Instagram account. It works like Leogram by liking, following, and unfollowing people.
You can target based on location if desired. You can get 7 days free. With ZenPromo you also get analytics, auto cleaner and unfollowing from Instagram ghost and business accounts.
14. Kicksta
Kicksta is another AI-powered Instagram growth tool. It does not use fake followers, spam accounts, or bots to help you grow your account. All it does is like photos from other users.
You provide kicks up with a list of target Instagram accounts that have the kinds of followers you wish to attract such as influencers in your Niche, complimentary Brands, and competitors.
Kicksta likes a photo or two from all of the users that are following the target accounts. when they receive a notification that you liked their photo, they will hopefully take a look at your profile and start to follow you. Here’s our Kicksta review in detail.
15. iDigic
iDigic is an Instagram growth platform that allows you to buy likes, followers, and views. You get real likes from real users with guaranteed instant delivery. You can split your order between multiple posts.
This approach does not require you to provide access to your account. Prices start at just $2.95 for 100 likes or 100 followers. You can purchase as many as 10,000 likes at one time 5000 followers at one time or 50,000 views at one time.

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